Best way to get tenants out

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I have problem tenants on a month to month lease. What is the best/fastest/cheapest way to get them out? 30 day notice to vacate, 5 day eviction notice for nonpayment or 10 day eviction notice for lease violation? I have served 5 day eviction notice for non payment for May (and 5 days have past). They have a fish which is a violation of no pet policy. Or, I could try to get one more rent payment (I expect to come this week), then serve them the 30 day notice to vacate by end of June. I fully expect they won’t pay the last month they live there. I’m in Illinois if it makes a difference.

You need to start the official eviction process. That’s the only true way to get them out

The 5 day eviction notice likely still gives them the opportunity to pay, late of course, and then they stay. The 10 day notice still gives them 10 days to correct the violation and they stay. 30 day non renewal is the most certain way to get them out if you want them out. There is no remedy to that one.