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I have been renting out a 4 unit in South East Wisconsin since last August, I initially inherited tenants but now I have a vacancy. In my area there is quite a strong representation of Hispanic / Latino families.  I myself am a Spanish speaker and so communicating with them is not a problem but I am looking  for a lease agreement and application that I could use that are translated into Spanish.  I would like to use these when qualified tenants apply to make things more formal and efficient.  I currently use the application and lease agreement located on Bigger Pockets and that has worked well.  If anyone can provide a copy or link to that would be much appreciated.  I am open to tips, advice and suggestions for new tenants.  Thank you.

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If you were to need to go to court, wouldn't the lease best be in English? You could provide tenants a translated one for their convenience, but I would think it be best that the signed ones be in English.

I know it'd take a little bit of time, but could you take your current lease and transcribe it into Spanish?


I would consider contacting Wisconsin Legal Blank they offer legal docs for rentals that are up to date with current state laws.  I know they carry forms in Spanish but I can't find them on their new website.  I've seen them on their website and at conventions before.  

https://wilegalblank.com/  I

I have translated applications and also have a contract in spanish for Texas. But It is a copy from TREC and is not legal. I think you should have a spanish copy just for information purposes and keep using the original english