Water leak and angry pit bull ;(

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Overnight the ceiling in the main floor bathroom of our four plex collapsed due to a water leak. We tried to enter the unit above to shut off water and there’s an angry pit bull inside. Lease says no pets. Can’t get ahold of tenant. What do we do now? State - Iowa. Plumber came and went. They weren’t going to go in there. We can’t shut off main water valve since there are 4 other tenants. It seems to be a slow leak. Do we give her notice to get the dog out or evict her?! The tenant below her just moved out unexpectedly.

@Jessica Wood you can always ask the city to shut off the water at the street. This would buy you time to do the repair and while you figure out the tenant issue. I would intermediately consult a real estate attorney in your area as well. If this were my property, I would begin eviction proceedings per the local laws for the pit bull tenant. I am big on firing tenants if they don't fit my business model!

I would be inclined to evict her just for the hassle of the situation. The proper procedure would be your states version of a cure or quit notice. This would inform the tenant they’re in violation of the lease and must correct the violation or leave. If they correct it it is unlikely you will be able to go forward with an eviction. If you want to evict make sure your state law allows you to skip the cure or quit stage and go directly to eviction.

This may also be a good time to look into you inspection policies. It seems like an angry pit bull would probably bark a lot and perhaps it should have been noticed before this point. Or maybe it just moved in yesterday you never know.

Thinking out of the box...

Open the door and let it out and then call animal control about a lose dog..  (ok maybe not)

Leave an urgent  and alarming voicemail and make sure it is completely unclear about the status of his stuff.  This should get you a call back. 

Call their emergency contact to come get the dog

Get some recommendations from animal control

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a nice piece of meat inside a dog cage.