TransUnion MySmartMove No Longer Checks Income?

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I just ran an applicant through TransUnion MySmartMove and it doesn't show income anymore. Only shows "self-reported income". Did some ruling come out and make them change it? I'll still call employers, but this really reduced the value of MySmartMove...

On a related note, I have an application with 3 applicants. Two of them completed the app through MySmartMove, but for one, it's showing "Pending Identity Verification". Has anyone seen that before? Do  need to call them or just wait or what?

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Hi @Art Maydan ,

I am a representative with TransUnion SmartMove. SmartMove offers a report called Income Insights to help landlords estimate tenant income in minutes. Income Insights is offered as part of our SmartCheck Premium package. From your dashboard, you can view the Income Insights report.

Also, the pending identity verification status indicates that your applicant still needs to complete the identify verification process.


@Samantha Decker Can you explain where this estimate comes from please? 

And can you please elaborate on the identity verification process? What exactly do I need to ask the applicant to do?

Thank you

Hi @Art Maydan ,

Income Insights is based on the applicant’s spending behavior from their credit report, it is designed to estimate total income, including non-work related sources. Landlords receive a clear, easy to read Income Insights report in minutes, giving them an estimate of whether or not the applicant’s credit behavior aligns with self-reported income. For more information on Income Insights, please visit our website!

For your applicant, please send me a note and we would be happy to look into this specific application for you.