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This report is from Brandon's webinar on BRRRR investing. I am trying to understand the numbers. It shows the "total cash invested" is $11,300 and I see how the loan fees add up to that amount but isn't there other loss of cash as well that I should include in the math such as the -$223 cash flow before the refinance. I am sure it's on this report somewhere but I just don't see where it shows the  actual *TOTAL* cash invested which should include the negative monthly cash flow and maybe other fees. Is anyone able to figure this out?

Howdy @Ben M.

I was just weeding out old Alerts and saw no one had responded to your post.

Negative cash flow is not considered part of any cash you have invested. However, that number is accounted for in the overall calculations as Holding costs. Holding costs are included in your Rehab budget. They include (but not limited to) Property Taxes, Insurance, Mortgage Loan payments, Utilities, HOA fees, etc., that occurs during the Rehab period and up until the property is fully rented and Refinanced (in this case).

Hope that helps clear it up a little.