Best way to handle all the inquires from Zillow? ( Inundated)

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Hey Scott! If you're receiving that many inquiries on ZIllow, it's possible that your home is under priced. Do some research on similar homes in your area and first make sure that it's properly priced. Second, the point of posting a property for rent is to receive inquiries, so if you are not in a position to promptly respond to them and show the home, you may consider hiring a professional management company to do this for you. If you can only set up showings at certain times, consider putting that in your property description (e. g. "Showings are held Saturdays between 2pm and 5pm"). You can also write a form email, so you can essentially send the same response to all inquiries, saving some time and giving them all the required information and attention.

Pre screen them with a google form you create with your pre-screening questions. Send the link out to all who inquire. Then only schedule showings with the people who pass muster.

I have a prewritten reply that includes additional information about the property and send them to a site with a prequalification form.

Once they fill out the prequalification form and it is a good fit, then it is worth the time to set up a showing.