Anyone have experience with a short term lease to a company?

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Hi there!  We just purchased our first two-family home. We live in one unit and have been fixing up the other to rent out.  

We just had an interesting opportunity arise-- we have a seasonal theater festival in town every summer, and the company is seeking housing for one it's directors.  It seems like the perfect way to dip our toes into landlording, and get us through to the more lucrative (in our area) fall rental season.  

Does anyone here have experience setting up these sorts of arrangements, and if so, do you have any tips as to how to structure the lease, or anything to look out for/provide for in such an arrangement that might not be in a typical 12 month residential lease?

Use a standard lease. It can be for a specific time period (Sep 1 - Nov 30) or just use a month-to-month lease. There's nothing special to look out for. It's an ordinary lease for a shorter period of time.