Electronic rent payment without unwanted payments

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My research so far has failed to uncover an electronic rent collection service where I have the ability to reject/stop unwanted payments.  EG to prevent tenant from extending an eviction process, extending a month to month agreement etc.   I would be willing to do some sort of quickbooks type thing where they can only pay for an open invoice, but they'd have to be able to pay by bank draft not credit card.  

Does anyone collect rent electronically and do you just live with the legal risk it entails if you get into a conflict situation?


We use payyourrent.com.
The beauty about this service is that you have a choice as to wether you collect a portion of the rent or all of it at once. Also, you can just remove tenant in question from the system if you don’t want to collect anything.


@Paul M. - Don't know if you're still looking. If you are, Tellus is an app that gives you the ability to block unwanted payments. Whether the tenant is trying to delay an eviction by sending partial payments or if they are trying to extend their lease to a month-to-month tenancy, you should have the tools you need to be in control of your rental properties.

@Paul M. online rent payment systems allow you to discontinue electronic payments. I use Cozy and I can turn off electronic rent collection at any time by clicking "end payments". It doesn't delete the account, they just can't make payments any longer. I can also set a lease term, so it will stop collecting at the end of the term. I can add late fees and adjust rent amount, so it will show the new amount due. Also you can refund money back through the service, which is meant to return security deposits, but you could use it to push back unwanted rent. Then close the system to new payments.

I think any risk is worth the convenience of online rent payment.