We need property manager for Airbnb house in West San Antonio Tx

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I have a really big nice house in the North West side of San Antonio Texas,  just a few miles from Sea world & Six Flags. The home is in a very desirable area. It is 4 bedroom, 3 full bath, 3 car garage. Very senic setting. We are interested in turning it into a short term rental with Airbnb. We are looking for a reliable person to manage this for us. How would I go about finding a manager and what is a fair compensation for a manager. They would be in charge of overseeing everything from bookings, marketing, and cleaning. 

Again how would I go about finding someone to manage this for me and is it realistic?

@Account Closed

How are you? I would be more than happy to assist you with listing your property. Feel free to check out our website and social media to get a better idea of how we do what we do.

Feel free to DM me to discuss further.

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Hey Account Closed I have never heard of such an animal. AirBnB is very time intensive, lots of call taken and made to set up cleaning, adding snacks, overseeing the cleaning people,yard maintenance, answering requests from guests, etc. It is also personal. The whole reason people do this is because they want to feel connected to YOU the owner of the property.

I can only imagine if someone is out there who does this, that they will probably charge about 20% of rent instead of 10% for a regular monthly rental.

@Rick Pozos

Rick your point was taken. The fact that it would take extra time and interaction from (someone). I needed some help to handle this. Whereas the guest would not be meeting me in person anyway someone else could be the PR person. After the orangal post it appears that the booking part may be simple to do on our end if need be. We do not live on that side of town so I’m checking my options. We would definitely need a reliable cleaning person for sure. This whole idea my not bet a fit for me, but it could be. I’m still in the counting the cost stage.

So is there anyone on bigger pockets that has done something like this that could share some insight?

I have managed rental properties for 20 years and would be happy to assist you with yours if you are still in need. I live on the northwest side of San Antonio near Sea World, too, so the proximity is perfect. We can talk details privately. 

Check out  Bongo Property Management. The last I heard they were charging around 15%. You'll want someone who has some familiarity with managing Airbnb's specifically and can help you strategize static or dynamic pricing to better compete with neighboring properties to keep occupancy up as well as a manager who has a dependable cleaning company who is familiar with turning around a rental after the guests depart. Make sure your HOA allows short-term rentals before you waste too much time.

Go to Google and search for "vacation rental management" and I'm sure you'll find plenty of options. Talk to as many as possible to compare rates, services, etc.

Account Closed You'll likely want to manage it yourself or not bother with STR at all. You probably won't make any money as PM's charge significantly more for STR than LTR. STR is HIGHLY market specific but I'm happy to have a chat about your options I've been doing STR very successfully for some time now. Hit me up if you're interested I'll send you my phone number and get you rockin.

Also... There's an STR forum but the advice will be about the same as it is here.