Getting rid of a listing agent

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I am having trouble with the listing agent of my commercial office building. He represents a small brokerage firm, and is one of 2 agents in it. Though he claims that there have been showings, he cannot provide me any specifics. He doesn't update me once every 2 to 4 weeks, and getting him to respond is difficult. Since the listing has not been leased after 6 months with him, I asked him what else he intends to do to drive more traffic. He said that it' just difficult, and we have to wait. The only potential tenant he brought to me had a eviction on file, poor credit score (500) & had 6 collections. He was then upset that I rejected this tenant. Meanwhile he was pressing for me to provide TI, rent concessions, etc. His contract doesn't expire until 11/2018. I have no faith in him. I have asked if if he would want to withdraw from the assignment, since it' not working out, but he didn't respond. Any suggestions?

Send him written notice demanding termination. Set a definitive termination date and notify him that if you do not receive confirmation by that date that you will report him to the real estate commission (or whatever authority you have in the state).

Is he the broker? If not, you can contact the broker in writing, explaining why you want to be released...lack of performance, lack of communication, you don’t feel like he’s acting in your best interests. Read through the listing agreement to see what the acceptable reasons for early release are. The broker will either try to rectify the situation or send you a termination of listing contract. Some brokerages will assess a fee to recoup all the marketing to date, but at least you can move on.