Bedbugs Bed Bugs - West Valley City Utah - side by side duplex

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Just had a tenant move into one side of a duplex I manage. After the first night of sleeping on the carpet in the downstairs living room they were bitten by bed bugs that night as reported by the tenant. The prior tenant and their family who was rough on the place never had an issue sharing concerns or issues with the place and did not have bed bugs during their tenancy nor the previous tenant prior to them. Currently the other side of the duplex is not reporting any issues, fingers crossed.

I'm guessing the new tenant could have inadvertently brought them in but no way to know for sure.

Since they first reported the issue a pestcontrol person has come by for round 1 of 2 treatments, that was a week ago now. The tenant just reported more bites.

Not sure what steps to take next. Any suggestions for a really good pest control person or company in the Salt Lake City area?? Realize the tenant plays huge role in this as well by cleaning and heating their clothing and bedding but not sure how else to proceed? I've shared all this info with the tenant and the pestcontrol person even spoke directly with them in terms of what to do.

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I want to do right by the tenants but this is a business as well.

realize this topic has been posted a lot so here are a couple of those threads for reference, my thread I guess is more localized and my unique situation


I"m not in Utah, but I feel your pain.  I had a house with bed bugs a few years back.  Very frustrating.

Former tenants left in middle of the night from a rental house.  I did the normal rehab, (paint, cleaning, etc).  New family moves in and complains of bed bugs.  The treatment quotes I got seemed crazy ($1500, using dogs, heaters, chemicals).  I needed to understand this better.

I met an exterminator who handles bed bugs at the house.  He pointed out an actual bed bug on the ceiling (much larger than I expected).  We inspected the furniture, mattresses and looked behind outlet covers (hiding places).  He determined that the infestation was there prior to the new tenants, since their furniture wasn't infested but there were signs of activities behind the outlet covers and feces under the new paint.  After seeing this with my own eyes, I told the tenants it was my responsibility, not their bed bugs; and I would handle it.

I shopped around, negotiated and got a full treatment (chemicals, heating house up to kill, passing all furniture through a heater system) for $900 WITH a 90 guarantee of no bed bugs or money back (I insisted on this).  I offered to pay for a hotel for the tenants or knock off some rent since they had to vacate for a few days (they took the $).

All ended well.  Tenants were happy, stayed with me until I sold the property about 2 years later.

Good Luck!


How long was it empty? I think Bed Bugs only survive about 45 days without a host.

Odds are pretty good that the tenants brought the bed bugs in with them. If they were sleeping on the floor, my guess is they probably came from a hotel or something and picked them up there.

The difficulty is to prove who caused them unless you have evidence the unit was clean before they occupied. I would probably suck it up and get them killed off but talk to the tenants to ensure they aren't bringing them from another location.

They probably brought them with. I’ve done complete down-to-the-studs remodels, and then day 1 a tenant complains of bedbugs. In 100% of the cases they left their last place because it had bedbugs also- which they probably brought with them to that place too.

Why did your new tenants sleep on the floor? Do they not own furniture? Maybe they abandoned their furniture at their previous place because it was infested with bedbugs.