Quick Step Studio Laminate Flooring?

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Has anyone had experience with the brand "quick step," and specifically put down the studio laminate flooring in rental properties? I just bought a bunch of this for a rental unit and it looked extremely durable (10 mm thick, resistant to moisture etc). Having second thoughts now though because I'm not sure it's 100% waterproof like vinyl. My contractor has purchased all the materials and is scheduled to put this down throughout the kitchen, common areas, and bedrooms of the unit (Bathroom and boiler closest will still have tile). Below is a link to the materials, curious to know others' thoughts as to whether or not this will hold up in the long run.


Can't comment on that specific, but I am a "nucore" convert.  Purchased from floor and decor , the waterproof vinyl on a laminate like backing imho is awesome. Durability of vinyl with the thickness to cover minor floor imperfections, suitable for bathrooms and has in 18 months shown zero signs from my German Shepard running around on it, where h.d. brand vinyl has been noticeably scratched by  dog nails.

Don't put a laminate in the kitchen.  Tell a tenant to only 'damp' mop, the think you said "mop the hell out of that damn floor", and that's what they'll do.

@Will G. and I are on the same page--vinyl (I like solid vinyl glue-down) planks are ALMOST tenant-proof.  But easy enough to heat-gun it up, make the repair, and replace.  

Tip:  use a contractor that is familiar with laying VCT, because the best way to glue down the peel/stick vinyl planks is to put them down on VCT tile glue.  Once they're down, they stay down.  Heat gun can let you re-set if there is an "oops" moment.

Good luck!

I could lease my dog to these flooring companies to do stress testing, and she has wrecked some other brands, but the nucore has held up perfectly!

I really want to express my point of view. The Quick-Step series of flooring is well worth using in commercial spaces and home floors. For example, the Quick-Step Eligna series, this series has almost any function that meets the needs of users, waterproof, and wearable. For example, the Quick-Step Majestic series has oversized planks that expand the display of the space inside the line of sight, making space look like an enlarged effect.