Rental Property Repair Attleboro Area

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Good morning All,

I am repairing my new rental property and was looking to buy following items . As this is rental property I want to buy something which is reasonable but good quality product. Any recommendation/advise from landlord in Mass like where to buy

1) Carpet

2) Doors

3) Kitchen Cabinet

4) Tiles



Hi Sam, I have had good experience working with Payless Floors located in Walpole and North Attleboro for carpet installation; good range of price and quality and their installation was on-time and done well.

For doors and cabinets I would encourage you to look at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in North Attleboro. Think of it as salvation army for construction materials, many items are new/surplus from contractors who donate for the tax write-off. You can often find entire kitchen cabinet sets for $1000 or less. In general they are a great resource for the DIY landlord.

Best of Luck!