Good CPA and Attorney in NW Houston (Klein, Tomball)

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Looking for a CPA and attorney in the Northwest Houston area (Klein, Tomball, Cypress area).

Also: Is there a quick way to get an attorney to look over a lease without having to go in and make an appointment?

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Is it cool to make referrals in BP forums?  Trying to be mindful of my BP etiquette.  

@ Jennifer Jackson, there is a guy in Copperfield that I can suggest -- haven't used his services yet myself but I have talked to him.  Will PM you.

Hey thanks for reaching out.  

Saw you were looking for a RE attorney.  There is a guy in Cypress, or just south -- in Copperfield, named Jerel Ehlert.  Runs a small practice at 529 and Hwy 6.  

Seems like a decent guy, I enjoyed visiting with him (full disclosure, haven't worked with him yet).