How to get rid of bad roommate

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I am the owner of the house. I live this house with my 9 years old daughter. I rented an empty room to a female to live with me. We share everything: bills, living room, bath room, kitchen etc. Since she moved in my house, she created many headache to me.

At begin, she should pay moving in fee in full price, but she made an excellent story to convert me to let her moving in at a partial fee. Then she kept making the excuse to delay the rest of payment for moving in fee. I texted her, knocked her door daily for the rest of moving fee. After seven days, she finally paid me the rest of the moving in fee, which is first month, and last month + security deposit. Our contract is 1st May to 30 August.

In May, she started to complain everything. My house is really clear and nice, my friends and family members are nice too when they visit me in my house. But she kept treating my friends and family members as contractors who come to my house to fix something etc. And she kept complain that my house is very dirty and damaged her health.

On 1st June, she should pay the June rental fee, but she did not pay, and she did not give me any notice to intend to pay. I texted her and knocked her everyday, until 3 days later, she sent me an email. In the email she asked me some questions, such as she thought when she rented the room, this house should only be allow women in the house, why my male friends and male relatives only come in this house in the day time. And how this house is really dirty to damage her physical health. And when my male friends and relatives visit me and hang out in the living room, how she received the emotional abuse and vocabulary abuse by listening to our talking, and how these abuse to damage her mental health.. And she felt uncomfortable and unsafe to live in my house. I replied her email to answer her questions and offer her to end the contract by end of June, so she needs move out by the end of June. Then I try to talk to her in person but she avoid to meet me.

I have to knock her door every morning and evening, waiting her. I was waiting her for three days until midnight. I caught her one night and she insisted to state that she received my email and that is she needed. Then she refused to talk to me anything. No arrange to move out, No any solution for this issue. She just kept telling me she received my email and my answer that she is really need. She made the decision to do something on me before she sent this email. I feel so scared. Her behavior shows her that she is a scammer. 

She moved into my house, collected some evidence to state when she lives in my house, she got physical damage and mental damage. Then she may prepare to sue me for the money. I can not evict her now, she had paid two month rental fee (first month and last month). I only can evict her in July. I do not feel comfortable and safe with her right now. And I have a 9 year old daughter in this house too. We share everything. How can I get rid her as soon as possible. Now I knocked her door every morning and evening and try to talk her in person, she does not answer. I do not know she still lives in this room or not. And I can not send her more text or email to her.

Any advice for my situation? If I need evict her, where I can find a lawyer to help me in the process. 

Search Google or look in the phone book. Try to find an attorney that is experienced with evictions. Ask them how many evictions they have done and how quickly they can fix your situation. Do not just talk to one attorney! Talk to at least three to ensure you are getting the right answer.

Thanks, Nathan. I will. In fact, I talked with a lawyer, he said I can not do anything until next Month when she missed the pay day, then I can contact him to eviction process. I am not happy with this lawyer's answer. He did not answer me anything I concern.

Anyway, I want to collect some opinions from you guys when I still am looking for the Mr. Right Lawyer.

What is a tenant and a lodger for a landlord? What is different of a tenant and a lodger? 

I am new here in this field, I was confusing. She lives in my house, every door has no locker. She shares everything with me, kitchen, kitchen appliance, eg plates, cups, forks, knifes, pot, cabinet. She shares living room, enter to the house, basically, if she likes, she also can go to my bedroom and every room in my house. I put a locker in her door to make her happy after she moved in my house, but I keep another key for her room, so I am also able to access her room when she is not in the room (I do not do that, but if I want, I can). For my opinion, I think she is my lodger, even we have a lease contact that states is a landlord and tenant lease.

Is possible that she will become a trespasser in next month? 

And I can call police and report her as a very dangerous trespasser who threaten my family's life and my belongs, because she will be able to access any place in my house in 24 hours. She definitely is able to do that if she can.  

I can not communication with her in person even we live in the same house, and her room is next to my daughter's room. When I knocked her door three times or when I was waiting and met her in the midnight when she back to house and want to sitting down with her to set up a settlement plan, she always followed up a letter to state that I was harassing her, stocking her, etc, that I violated her tenant right. She only allowed me to communicate with her by email. However every word I wrote in the email and sent to her, she will twist my words and collect these emails as an evident that I violated her tenant right. I do not want to play this mental abuse game at all. But What else the communication method I need to do in this month while she is allowed to live in my house? Or I just peaceful to wait until the next Month, then call police and report she is a trespasser?