Docusign alternatives for electronic signatures

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Just started an Authentisign 30-day trial after testing out DocuSign. Off the bat, DocuSign seems cleaner and more intuitive, but it's decently more expensive. Only around $60/year for Authentisign. I think once I go through a few more signings I'll be fine with using the Authentisign program. I might have to try out a few of the other ones mentioned through. 

Just to follow-up on this post, I found eversign. Free each month for 5 documents as in I can do five separate signature transactions. It works just like docusign without the cost.

I use HelloSign. If you don't do many leases, it's free - I think they give you a few each month, or you can upgrade for a fee. My realtor uses DotLoop and it works pretty well too and has a really good app if you do a lot of this in the field. Normally I just don't have enough turnover each month to spend much (any) money on electronic signature applications.