Tenant on 60 day notice

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Hello Friends The tenant is a problem tenant and I have send a 60 notice with end date on June 30. As of today she didn’t pay rent for this month and the response is that she is very mad about the letter and she said she is moving out on first week of July and will pay rent. (I have security deposit which is equal to a month). I think she is planning to NOT pay rent and will ask me to use the security deposit as rent. I send her a pay or quit letter two days ago. Shall I go and file eviction or wait for July first week ?. Advise please

start the eviction process. You can always cancel it if she pays up. Starting it may even motivate her to pay up because she'll know you're serious.

Probably hope she doesn’t trash the unit and just leaves, it’s highly unlikely you get that last months rent

Regardless of threats of damage or possibility of still not getting rent, file for eviction TODAY. 

You should have done that a week ago. As said, you can always cancel the eviction.

She hasn't paid rent. How can you trust that she'll pay if you don't take legal action. And how can you know she'll move out at the end of this month? 

Eviction is your "insurance" to either get payment or get the property back. Don't accept promises.