How to build a lucrative AirBnB?

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I'm closing on my ideal 4-plex near a major university and medical centers using an FHA loan. Does anyone have any recommendations on training on "how to build a lucrative AirBnB"?

Be careful. So many people report amazing income with their vacation rentals but they fail to account for all the costs. You need to really know what is involved and account for everything:

1. Furnishing the unit

2. Utilities, internet, TV

3. Local, state taxes

4. AirBnB fees

5. Your time handling reservations, cleaning, maintenance, complaints, etc.

@Jinhee Park

@Nathan G. has many, many good points. If you were to look at my Airbnb income you would be amazed at how much we "bring in" but a LOT goes right back out. Utilities (STR don't pay for those), replacement of basic items such as towels, paying your cleaners, etc.

Are you buying here in SoCal?