"Duplexes" zoned as single family

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Many are non conforming and will not qualify for FHA or conventional financing.

Others may have a zoning variance on file, making them legal duplexes despite the zoning classification. You can find that info through the city’s website.

A good agent should be able to assist you.

When they are a converted house not zoned for multifamily it seems like everyone of these has one meter for electric and gas which makes the burden of utilities on the landlord 

@Marcus Johnston nobody on this forum can answer this. Contact Planning and Zoning and see if the home has an authorized variance. If it's in compliance, you're golden!

I'm currently house-hacking a duplex that was re-zoned to SF and is nonconforming grandfathered use. I was able to get an FHA loan on it, but it wasn't an easy process for my lender...