Chicago landlord-tenant laws

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Does anyone know of a reputable site where I can learn about Chicago landlord-tenant laws?

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@Elsa M. Besides the city text, read through Atty. Richard Magone's blog @

Very solid info and real-life situations. Any questions in particular? The CRLTO is complex and the consequences for non-compliance are huge, but if you read through and understand what you are up against and run your business in an honest manner you shouldn't have any trouble. Its slight intricacies like what needs to be on a security deposit receipt that can be a killer.

A good place to start is which is a group of attorneys that track Landlord-Tenant laws for every state. They have an excellent book, Every Landlord's Legal Guide that not only includes your state laws, it has sample forms and a ton of practical advice. I've been reading Landlording books since 2004 and NOLO is still the best.