AppFolio Screening Tool & Suggestions

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Has anyone had any problems with AppFolio’s screening tools? Have been utilizing them since we started. Just recently, we had a tenant where a criminal record was missed. On top of that, found out today that there was a tenant where four prior judgements/evictions combined that were all missed. Wondering if this is just a recent problem they’re experiencing or if this has been seen across the board. We reached out to the screening department and they were of zero help. They asked us for the court date, the charge, etc... which obviously we didn’t have since we had no idea there was even a charge in the first place. On a similar note, any suggestions of screening tools that you’ve found to work well?

Hi Taylor! There are other free screening tools out there. Most of the software out there will provide you with the applicant's comprehensive criminal, credit and eviction history. Normally, it's free to you as the landlord, but not to the applicant. I think it's better to charge a tenant to test their seriousness about renting your property. If it's free to them, you'll see the same tenant applying to properties all around your area.

In addition to a full tenant screening, you can request pay stubs, w2, etc. in the application they submit. Finally, in their application, ask for landlord references and their employer's phone number to verify that they work there.

If you need a tenant screening service recommendation, please feel free to reach out directly through personal message!