Can I place a lock my out door Water Spigots?

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I purchased a 5 plex unit in California. The Property is NOT under rent control. All my tenants are month to month. And I pay for the water bill. I’ve been told by a tenant that everyone uses the water hose to fill up portable pools,wash their vehicles,spray the sidewalk and driveway.When my lease clearly states NO CAR WASHING on property. I feel as if they are wasting water just because they can. While I’m trying to conserve it. Specially since California was in a Serious Drought. Can I legally place locks on the spigots? Does anyone have any information on this? IM NOT TURNING THE WATER OFF IM JUST LOCKING THE OUTDOOR SPIGOTS. Thank you 

I have the same situation in N.J. I just have a cut-off valve in the basement. I open it when I water the plants and close it afterwards.

I don’t know why you would have problems- not all buildings have a house bib. 

I don’t like the idea of a lock because it is low class for where my building is. But my water costs a fortune- so if need be I would lock it!

There should be nothing barring you from locking the water spouts. Then again, you are in California...