Vacation Rental River Waiver

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I have a house in New Hampshire that I will be renting for vacation, ski season, etc.   AirBNB, VRBO, HomeAway, etc.    I found insurance for the type of renting.   One of my issues is... I have over a thousand feet of river frontage, shallow and slow moving most of the time.  Higher and faster during the snow melt season. I don't expect any rentals during the snow melt season.  

My insurance company wants me to have any renters sign a waiver/release of liability for swimming in the river.   I've been looking on line and see a lot of Pool waivers, or specific activity waivers but not a general waiver for a river situation.  I've asked my insurance company for a sample waiver and am waiting for that. If I don't get one should I just see a lawyer?

this was the only insurance company that I could find that covers short term rentals like AirBNB. Your regular homeowners policy doesn't cover it and a normal landlord policy doesn't cover it either so I have to make these guys happy. I also have to post "Swim At Your Own Risk" signs and provide rescue equipment.

If it's the only insurance company you can find, do what they say. I would not put "Swim at your own risk" signs because it may encourge someone. I would put "No Swimming" signs to completely cover your behind.

@Michael Eastland having a guest sign a waiver would definitely sour the experience. I suggest posting signs as @Nathan G. recommended and placing "No Swimming" rules in your online house rules on your Airbnb and VRBO listings.

I would even include the "No Swimming" sign in your pictures too.

Doing this MAY reduce your risk to an acceptable level. It still may not satisfy the insurance company's underwriters.

Best to you