How do you search for new tenants?

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@Lena S. Zillow seems to be our biggest lead source now. Probably 2/3 of our leads come from it. Craigslist is probably the remaining 1/3.

@Lena S. I don't search for tenants. I advertise and let them fight to be my tenant.

You may have meant advertise vacancies. 

I advertise on Craigslist (I don't list house number to cut down on someone copying my ad and scamming people), Zillow - which sends the listing out to at least a half dozen other sites and Facebook market place has become huge for advertising.

Hi Lena! There is free landlord software out there that will provide you with online applications and screenings as well as market syndication so your property is posted to all of the major listing sites (i.e.,, Craigslist, etc.). Marketing online can help you to find tenants quickly and with ease. If you need any recommendations on software, please feel free to reach out to me directly through personal message!