Any Landlords on here now how to apply for section 8 license?

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Im looking to buy a cheap property in a bad area in the city of Philadelphia. Looking for experienced section 8 landlords on advice on how to obtain a license and there overall thoughts on joining . How hard is it to get the license? Do the tenants typically do a ton of damage? 

You can follow the steps on the website . 

Basically The person gets a voucher for so many bedrooms and so fourth according to their need and eligibility 

Your property is inspected by them ( section 8) not the city . The house must pass a stringent inspection. The tenant voucher must match the criteria of the rental unit . You screen them . You register with the hud office and fill out their forms . They will deposit the rent ( or partial rent) on the first of each month directly into your business account . The tenants aren’t any worse than any other low income tenant . The concern of losing that voucher keeps the tenant in check so to speak. Have you ever been around a toddler ? They are selfish they act  out they are irrational they won’t pick up after themselves and habitually make poor decisions . .. now add four feet and two hundred pounds to that toddler and that is your clientele ! Know your customer