Evicting Tenant and Stopping Foreclosure

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Hey BP, I have a lead that wants to sell me their home but the tenant has refused to pay rent close to two years, refuses to leave the property, and locked the landlord out. The landlord said the court trial has been pushed back a couple times. The landlord wants to sell the home before it goes to auction in two weeks. He owes $3,400 in unpaid taxes. He owns the property free and clear. What’s the best approach to get the tenant out? besides cash for keys.

@Account Closed is absolutely correct, offering cash means nothing to them.  This tenant is a pro and knows how to use the system.  Your best bet will be to HIRE AN ATTORNEY that specializes in landlord-tenant issues and evictions -get a specialist, not a general practitioner.  It will likely cost about $500 + court costs.  

My recommendation is to not worry about getting reimbursed through a judgment - it’s wasted time and effort.  Just consider it part of the cost of the deal, your main concern is just getting them out as quickly as you can.  Your purchase price should take into consideration the cost of eviction and subsequent renovation. If it’s a good deal it will be worth it.