Anyone From Allentown PA?

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I'm currently researching the area.  I've gone to the auctions and have an agent running around for me looking for deals.  So far this summer the market has been hot for sellers with the prices on the uptick.  For what I've found there arnt a lot of deals that will cashflow for me at the rate that I'm used to in rochester ny.

It's a hot market here. On-market deals are getting bought up at prices that make cash flow tricky. We've had to hustle a lot to keep getting investment properties, as well as leveraging connections for off-market deals. One technique you might find productive is looking for an investor with a large portfolio looking to sell off some of their smaller units. They understand the numbers that go into your max allowable offer and many will want a quick / smooth closing, so sometimes you can get decent deals that way. Good luck! 

Go a little north to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.  PLENTY of potential, and just starting to uptick in price and demand by buyers.  We've been investing here and managing other investors properties for 10+ years and for cash flow, it's hard to beat.