Letting contractors into to the rental unit

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Hi, I rent out a condo unit in downtown Chicago. Due to water damage, we scheduled contractors to come out and fix the carpet and whatnot. The tenant is insisting that I or someone accompany the contractors. RLTO is not clear since it grants right of access to a landlord but not sure whether we can let contractors in. We are out of town right now so cannot escort them. I can tell the building front desk to let them in but again the tenant want US to accompany them. Anyone hs any experience? Can we just let them in since we have “access” in emergency? Or does that access only applies to the landlord not to contractors?  Thanks in advance!!

Put your foot down. If the tenant owned the home, would the mortgage lender send someone out to babysit the contractor? Of course not.

I give the contractor the tenant's contact information and they schedule a time to make the repair. If the tenant insists on someone being there, they can handle it just like I would handle it at my own house.