Unexpected apt application denial bc of misdemeanor 6 yrs ago?!

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Hello everyone,  

My fiancé and me are moving from NY to Pembroke Pines Fla because she just got a teaching job at FIU.    We are trying to rent a place for the first year before buying  and we found an apt that worked well  for us in Pembroke Pines.  

The problem is that we were just denied on the leasing application.  It was because of a misdemeanor public intox charge I got received 6 years ago on a Pharmacy class bar crawl.We dealt with a third party screening company that was like dealing with the DMV.    It didn’t matter that we have good  credit, income, and clean history otherwise...   and that I have a pharmacist license in good standing.  

Although I have taken a few months off to be with my fiancé after a 5 year long distance relationship, I did present them with my 2017 W2 and she had her offer letter.  

   Not expected at all and now the problem is now we are back in NY and we’re not able to get back to Florida and we were unprepared for this.  

Im wondering if it is going to be like this everywhere and I’m hoping that a kind soul might be able to throw us a lead on a good place in a safe neighborhood for 2+ bedroom 2k/mo or less and we do have a 11lb poodle mix dog.  

Thanks to everyone in advance for your time!

Your best bet is probably small time landlords as they’ll likely be more flexible. If you try large apartment complexes they probably just have criteria that if you don’t meet you’ll be denied.

A criminal background is something any landlord worth his salt is going to be looking at . Rent a house or duplex from a small time landlord . Avoid big complexes I’d Explain Your situation up front with him before he even runs a check on you . The key for you is Develop trust early on and he may overlook your past inequities . 

I have to agree with the posts above. I worked for an apartment complex that would deny anyone who didn't fit perfectly into their rental criteria. Find an independent landlord, explain your situation and hopefully they'll be open to renting to you. Best of luck!


The purpose of a background check is to determine risk. A six-year-old misdemeanor presents no risk to the property, the other tenants, the Landlord, or the Property Manager.

I suppose you could contest it and ask them to justify their decision but do you really want to rent from a Property Manager that doesn't even know what constitutes a justifiable rejection?

HUD issued guidance about this very thing a couple years ago. I think Section III is what you want to focus on. If you are set on renting this unit, bring a copy of this to the office and demand justification for your rejection.