Who is responsible???

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My NEIGHBOR HAS a nice size tree that has over grown HIS back yard. The tree limbs are over grown and are hanging over my side of the property. I don’t mind cleaning the fallen debris from it since it provides shade in/onto my property. But My ONLY concern is the following. There is a nice size tree branch hanging on my electricity wire that comes down from the City Pole into my fuse/relay/electricity box. 

1.Who is responsible for the upkeep of the tree?

2. Who is responsible for damage caused by the tree? 

3. Can I cut the branches on my side of the property? 

I heard that if I cut the branches over hanging my side of the property and I damage the tree I can get sued?? 

Anyone have any advice?  

Again, tree is in neighbors yard. 

Location is in California. 

If it hangs over onto your yard then you are responsible for the overhanging part- not the tree itself. At least that’s the case where I’m from. This is not legal advice- btw.

You are responsible for maintaing the clearance around your utility lines.  Sometimes the utility company will do it.  But in most cases its up to you to trim branches away from your lines.  Be a good neighbor and have a conversation before you start trimming.  In most locations you have full rights to trim branches that hang over your property.  I have a tree that's close to the line.  When our most recent neighbor moved in he pretty much whacked off everything that was over the property line.