Need Camera System and Software for Multi Family Buildings

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I'm looking for any recommendations on good camera systems.  I have three 30+ unit apartment buildings which have been wired for cameras and have the cameras there, but am having a horrible time trying to find a dependable and camera system/software to use.  They are IP cameras and we have 8 to 16 cameras per building.  

I'm struggling to find a company that doesn't use internet explorer.

Any recommendations would be helpful!

@Ryan Gibson I use Digital Watchdog software and cameras to monitor my VRBO.

Software is free, just have to pay for a license for each camera that you want to be able to record. I think each license is about $75 each. has pretty good prices on this equipment.

The cameras come with a 5 year warranty they are more commercial grade but I love them and they work great!

Software is highly configurable to record all the time, just on motion. You can set what zones the camera triggers on. You can have it email you a snapshot of the motion all the time or just during specific times. Highly configurable.

Software updates are free.

They also have a free app for your phone to keep watch on things

Thanks John!  Sorry for the confusion.  We already have all the cameras set up.  We are looking for a good software and dvr box that we could use.  We definitely need to be able to view them remotely via web application and a phone app.

Is that something that digital watchdog could handle?