Best product to kill German Roaches

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Has anyone ever dealt with these horrible things? I've tried the boric acid,borax, foggers,sprays, even professionals have come twice but I fear they will come back.  Should I just keep doing follow ups with pest control? Will have to do that forever?

Please share your experiences. 

I had some roaches in the room located behind my garage (it's full of boxes and roaches eat paper/boxes. 

Try Diatomaceous earth and sticky traps. Diatomaceous earth works for any bug with an exoskeleton (ants, roaches, etc.) and kills them when they walk over the stuff. Best of all it's nontoxic and won't harm pets. 

German roaches often times will move in with the tenant (just like bed bugs), but will not go away until you get rid of the food source.  Even having just greasy surfaces, you've got a food source.  So basically you have to scrub the entire place inside out, floor to ceiling, every single surface in the property.  I've seen these things eat chunks of grease-soaked drywall and wood from cabinets, so if  you've got some saturated wood in the cabinet, cleaning the surface won't get rid of them.

You might also have to change carpets also - since there's really no way to fully clean carpet...

I've also seen german roaches infesting a burned out unit feasting on burned greasy cabinets and walls.   They are not easy to deal with. 

Do it yourself pest control is great.

They have recommended products for each pest on their website, and if you are still unsure call and ask them.  They have a whole writeup on roaches, and german roaches specifically 

@Paige Roberts ,

Caulk and protect the heck out of that place.. as an exterminator told me, if light or water can get through there.. so can the roaches...   With 1- 675 sq ft apartment, we use 17 tubes of caulk.. anywhere and everywhere you can think of.. put it there!   i would suggest trying different exterminators... and check their processes.. 

Orkin just pushes them in the walls, but doesn't eliminate the problem, whereas other bug companies will go through and actually try and kill them vs. regular services.   It may be more expensive (mine was $400) but it's worth it! 

Sometimes killing them on site will only make the problem worse.   Some roaches realize an enzyme when they die that triggers other around them to breed.

You'll want to find a bate product which they will eat, take back to their dwelling, and kill their entire family LOL

These are actually more environmentally friendly as well.  Forgive me for not remembering the product name I used a few years ago but you'll find something similar if you search for sustainable pest management for german cockroaches.

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Cy-kick. Amazon. I have never had german roaches but it works on the big ones sometimes called palmetto bugs and everything else. Interior/exterior. Quickly. Use a garden sprayer.

We had a property with hundreds of those roaches when we acquired it. We have an awesome exterminator and learn they can come through the plumbing. Between spraying and replacing the plumbing (it was old and was getting replaced anyways) we haven’t seen a single one back.

If you're just worried about keeping a space clear of them, there are ultrasound emitters that do great. If you stay on top of it with fogging and spraying, you have a good chance of destroying a small breeding population. But if they're REALLY in, the only way is to tent the house, like termite control.

I have had German roaches and they seriously suck. They can live through just about anything and dirty tenants always bring them back. I had to do monthly treatments for 6 months from a professional exterminator before they were gone. He uses an aerosol spray to get every nook and cranny. Tenants have to remove everything from their cabinets in the kitchens and bathrooms because the pesticide can get you deathly ill if it gets on plates or food. My exterminator now does quarterly sprays and knows to keep an eye out and I will charge back tenants if they come back. Pain in the butt. Good luck
I think German cockroaches move in with the tenant on the same day. In my experience, clean tenants that take care of the property do not have German cockroach issues. I'm thinking about adding this into my screening process, a separate addendum that addresses German cockroaches and the prospective tenant... Maybe adding a separate "insect deposit" requirement.
@Paige Roberts go to Amazon and search Advion roach gel. this stuff is amazing and inexpensive. follow the directions and next day you will see results. I swear I saw the roaches litterly attack the bait and the product goes a long way. if the place is vacant, leave the dead roaches and the live ones will eat the infected dead, expediting the process. seems to work for camel crickets too I've just tried this stuff for a small roach problem and haven't spotted one since. as others advise, clean and get rid of food source.

You will also need to get rid of the tenant that has caused the problem in the first place otherwise they will continue to return. Killing the roaches is only treating the symptom not the disease.

Track down the tenant causing the problem, get rid of that tenant, then go after the roaches.

I second @Linda D. and @Karl B. .  I successfully eliminated all types of crawling pests larger than an ant from a duplex we own by physically sealing all holes that I found with caulk or even that nasty yellow gap filler stuff for larger areas.  Before sealing, however, I would pump a bunch of diatomaceous earth into the gaps since I know there are holes I missed or couldn't reach.  After that, the only bugs I'd periodically see were dead bugs covered in white.  We've since moved out and there have been absolutely no complaints about bugs, and we're in Austin, TX where there is no shortage of critters with exoskeletons that can make themselves at home.  This costs a lot (or takes a lot of time if you DIY) up front, but it has worked for all the properties I've tried it on.  So far, my ongoing pest control costs are close to $0.

I had them in a rental once when a tenant carried a bunch of cardboard boxes into her unit from the recycling center. Hire a professional. If they are good, they should guarantee their work.