Looking for property management in Sacramento Ca.

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@Veronica Sandoval

I'd recommend calling the top 5-10 rated companies on Yelp. I do a lot of deals in the area and know for a fact those companies are solid. Some will be full, some will want more control than others, and some will have better rates. Definitely helps to contrast and compare. You'll find a winner in there for sure (I know the companies in those spots), best of luck!

@Veronica Sandoval  I am a licensed realtor in the area and I work with many investors who I have found great property managers depending on their needs. I have a couple of great relationships with Property Managers in Sacramento, CA. I agree with @Wes Blackwell  this is a very effective way to go and depending on your needs I can also guide you to the ones I use the most. Let me know.  

@Veronica Sandoval call John at Real Property Management in Sacramento. He knows that area well and he will provide you with a Rental Property Analysis that will give you everything you need to know about rates, vacancy rates and such. He is a great guy, I have several clients in that area using Real Property Management and they are very happy. Tell John, Reymon sent you. Unfortunately, I cannot provide his number on here because of the BP's rules. If you want you can PM me and I can try sending it that way. Good Luck!