Hot Plate allowed in a Kitchenette of the rental MuFm attic unit?

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Dear BP members,

I have a question: I am renting a multifamily unit in New Haven, CT. The 2nd and 3rd floor attic are connected as one unit. I am renting to 3 graduate students on the 2nd floor and 1 graduate student on the 3rd floor attic. The attic is quite large with private space and has a kitchenette with mini fridge, microwave, and kitchen sink. I know the stove is not allowed for legal purpose, but is the hot plate allowed? Hope to get any experienced landlords/investors advice.  Thank you very much in advance!  

@Peace Lily Ok, so the 2nd & 3rd floor are 1 unit but you're renting it out on 2 separate leases? Just looking for clarity... I'd imagine that a hot plate is legal to use if the tenants wanted too. But that certainly shouldn't be their only means of cooking. Are you providing the hot plate or does it belong to the tenants?

So the tenant has access to a full kitchen but also a minikitchen in thier unit? i think a plug in unit would be allowed like a coffee pot or toaster oven would. I 've seen this setup but wouldn' t be keen on a hotplate as a landlord. Anything with an open heating element has fire risk. The induction ones need a pot on it to stay hot but most hotplates can be left on and stay hot long after the tenant has left. It may depend on the town, see what it says for boarding houses/ in laws in your town.