Deposit issue with Tenant

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Hi Guys! So, I have a question and hopefully you fellow landlords can guide me in the right direction. I have a Unit in a duplex in Sunrise Florida that the tenants just moved out. I assessed the damage and texted the ex-Tenant that from his $1600 deposit I was only returning $200. The total expense to fix the property was $1850 but I still wanted to give him something. He texted back saying “ok” and told me where to send the check. 5 days later he texted me arguing that the property was already in bad conditions and other false claims. What should I do? I told him I was going to send him a copy of the invoice from the person that did the work and the pictures before he moved in and pictures of how he left the property. Any advice? Thanks in advance :)

@Carlos C. Do you have pictures from before they moved in? Do you have a checklist signed by tenant when you did the move in walk through with them? Do you have a signed lease where they acknowledged unit was in good condition when they signed the lease?

If have you some or all of these things you could send copies with the check and letter explaining repairs. That should stifle his desire to try and fight this.

Put in the letter that cashing the check constitutes his agreement with your repair estimate.