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There are several avenues to explore when becoming a stager, it just depends on what your model is going to be. My wife is currently trying to kick off her staging business and we have entertained the idea of renting vs buying pieces of furniture.

After doing much research in our area, we've decided that a combination of both is essential when starting out, simply b/c we don't have the capital nor the funds to purchase multiple pieces and the rental costs aren't too bad. We also started to contact local furniture owners in the area with the strategy of "free promotion".

They would supply their furniture for little to no cost and they could set displays on the furniture from whom supplied it, we like to use the word "showcase" b/c it grabs their attention immediately. We also have the realtors provide two different prices on the house, w/ furniture and w/o furniture. So there's an additional business incentive for the furniture suppliers.

I hope this is of any use to you, but this post might be too old..


NOTE: I didn't notice that the original post was 4 years old until after I posted...sorry!

We purchase all our staging furniture.

At this point, we can stage a typical 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2000 sq foot house (including all furniture, pictures and accessories) for about $3000 or less. It can cost that much to rent a house full of furniture for 3 months, and then you have to give it back!

We started with a single set of furniture, and then when we had an extra house to stage, we'd buy another...and another. We now have about 6 full sets of furniture, and since we rarely have that many houses on the market at the same time, my wife does staging for other investors with our extra inventory.

Since we own the furniture, it's free to stage another investor's property (other than the moving costs), so she's able to give them rock-bottom staging prices (fixed price for as long as they need it, no monthly costs) and even let's them pay after they sell the house.

Since we then don't have to pay for storage of the furniture, it's a win/win for both sides.