Hi all, so heres an interesting question. Why would I as the landlord install solar on my multifamily rental property?  

Is there a strategy I haven't seized on where I would be paid back for the solar energy that I generate but don't use (additional revenue and lower costs than traditional electric) and does any one have any experience flat rate billing tenants (say for example $100/mo) and then pocket the difference if they actually use less energy than the flat rate amount? This seems like it would be a win/win for all. The tenants would theoretically have lower steady bills and I would capture more income from them and through cash reimbursements.

What if anything creative have any of you done in this regard? Footnote, today my property is a 100% airbnb short term rental property wherein I pay all the bills (so this would be beneficial) but it may at some point revert back to traditional tenancies.

Thanks in advance!