Landlord seeks computer program to keep all the details together

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I am a newer landlord with 7 income producing single family homes that I fully manage. I do this by combining my knowledge of Quicken, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. I work a full time job in addition to my property management and I need to tighten up my management.

Could anyone suggest some software that could help me do all the things a landlord does (inspections, receipts, finances) but keeping it  in one, tidy place? I've done some homework but really need someone to talk to who has actually used these programs I'm reading about.  I estimate that I will max out at 15 properties when all is said and done.

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@Matthew Marchetti I have more properties than what you plan to max out at. I use Google Drive and Dropbox. I have a folder for each property with pictures, Lease, inspections etc. I use Excel and have a tab for each property. It is very powerful. It computes my money coming in and expenses so that taxes are easy at the end of the year. It is easy to customize for your needs. This gives me a snapshot of everything in one location and the details as well.

No excel sheets - unless you keep on checking the formulas for accuracy. You spend more time.

Start with QuickBooks, as you will know your numbers - equity and financials.

I use Google drive as well for all my files. I like to maintain everything that's is hardcopy in electronic form just in case. I also use app/website for tracking rent and expenses by property.

You need property management software.  There are many dedicated offerings.  I use  It’s not cheap but it’s a good solution.  Many threads comparing options exist on BP.