What service do you use to run background checks?

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We have been using TransUnion SmartMove, but we would like to see an actual credit score, length of employment, etc.  Are there better services you have seen or are using?


@Blake Edwards I was using smart move for all of my Berwyn properties, but I recently switched over to Zillow. Zillow's program is cheaper (good for the tenant) and integrates with the rest of their new rental application and rental payment software. I like this, and will probably use it going forward for my apartment buildings. 

I am not sure if any of the software really do the employment verification for you. I personally always call to verify employment and also require pay stubs, etc. 

@Blake Edwards We've been using RentPrep, there are a few different tiers you can choose from. It does have a verify employment and you can get a full credit report. The Platinum, which we use, does not give you their score but you set the acceptable range and it'll tell you if they fall into it. We've been happy with it so far, but are always on the lookout for a better one.

I was using Credit Bureau Associates who have recently moved/consolidated with TenantAlert.

Have the option of running, criminal background and identity fraud checks.

Have the option of  paying for it myself or applicant to pay.

I get the credit score, account types open, closed, payment history, status of accounts, balances, etc.  I get a pretty good idea of how extended they are and their payment history.

What do you mean by tenant verification? Trans union MySmartMove verifies SSN numbers, and notifies you if there is a discrepancy.