foreclosure winterized property

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Hi. I purchased foreclosure properly at court house steps. paid full and its in the process of getting distribution and deed. the property is winterized by bank 1) How soon can i get turn the water on? 2) How about electricity? How soon can i turn that on? 3) If i want to sell and get good return, can i start process of selling the house (mls) contingent upon sheriffs deed? 4) is there anyhing that i have to do as some important points?

be ready to fix some leaks. I was trying to buy a HUD home that was supposedly winterized. All they did was dump some antifreeze in drains. Never drained house pipes. All pipes frooze and when city turned water back on house flooded. HUD wouldnt move on price so we backed out since house needed full rehab after that.

I wouldnt turn anything on until property fully yours.  When you do stay in house for few hours to make sure no leaks.  No idea about sale and deed issues.  As a purchaser I would avoid a house not ready to close so may want to wait till yours.  Is there a redemption period in PA?  If so how long is it?  I wouldnt do anything until deed is in my name.

thank you guys for your reply...yes I'll wait until deed gets transferred to my name... also, when i turn water on, I'll make sure that i have a plumber and 1 or two other ppk with me. i hope that since this is middle unit ob brick row houses without basement, it should be all right...but better to have things ready...also to have electric on before water.

@mau pan not sure how the laws work in pa but in Georgia you legally own the property the day of the foreclosure auction even though it can take several weeks or even months for the attorney to prepare and record the deed.

So I always immediately get insurance, put utilities in my name and if it's vacant, get physical control and change the locks.

Regarding the possibility of leaks, I always ask the water company to put service in my name, unlock the meter but leave it turned off at the meter.

You can the turn it on yourself with a curb-key or a decent pair of pliers. If the meter starts spinning when you turn it on you have water running from an open valve or a leak.

I tried to read the PA statute for this, but it's a disorganized mess. My suggestion is go down to the courthouse steps and ask some of the regulars whether you can take possession the day of the sale. Statutes aren't much help from what I can find.

@Mau Pan we recently did this in Illinois. Unfortunately we had the previous owner supposedly occupying it. We purchased it on March 6 then went in front of judge, he gave her 30 days to vacate We received deed on April 26th but could not enter until the May 27th.

Yours maybe different, due to the fact it’s vacant.

Good Luck