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Does anyone have any experiences/thoughts on the dual-flush toilets for rentals?

On my first triplex, I swapped all 6 toilets to the 1.6 gpf models; it cut my water bill by about 16%.

I am now looking at a fixer 4-plex that has 4 toilets, all of which seem to be the older, inefficient ones. In addition to the 1.1 gpf (liquids)/1.6 gpf (solids) toilets, I see they now have the 0.9 gpf (liquids)/1.28 gpf (solids) toilets.

Any experiences or thoughts on their durability/appropriate-ness for a rental?


I swear by the American Standard Champion 4 -1.6 gal dual flush. It will take anything the tenants can "throw" at it. You have to think about water. The less water the less power. They can only do so much with the design to make it flow better.

If you want to be cheap and dont want to spend the money for a champion 4 you can use a Kohler Wellworth.

I've never used them, but just replacing worn flappers and supply valves can save you a lot on water.


Thanks for the input. Not that I was being cheap at the time (well, maybe I was), but I do have 6 Kohler Wellworths in that triplex! They have held up fine.

There are kits available in the big box stores to convert just about ANY toilet into a dual flush toilet. Of course, since you have older toilets that you're replacing, you can buy one already equipped as dual flush.

Amazon sells kits from several companies that can convert most any regular toilet to dual flush for less than $20. Most have favorable reviews.

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