Budgeting for apartment improvements

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Looking to give a few apartments a cosmetic facelift as tenants move out. Paint, new appliances in kitchen, flooring (fake wood) etc. What would be a workable average $ per sqft budget here in the Los Angeles market? A low to high range would be very useful.

Thank you


For flooring you can get an installed sf cost pretty easily from anyone who sells flooring. Luxury vinyl tile is great for kitchens and bathrooms, installed at 6/sf on the high side. Refinishing hardwoods is different than laminate and there are different kinds of laminates. I suggest getting an actual quote on one of your apartments so you know. For cabinets you can spend a fortune or you can get pretty inexpensive at Lowe's. Call them up and get a quote to install their Arcadia collection. An appliance package is about 2k per unit, less if you don't have dishwashers and microwaves. Countertops can be really nice or really cheap. Cheap end is only $100. It is better to really cost out your items. Ballpark figures I used for a bathroom 4.5k and a kitchen 8.5k on the high end. I use 3/sf for following. But I invest in Kansas City, MO, so labor is less. 

You bet @Neill Herbert there are some different things that folks use for costing. House flipping spreadsheet is pretty good and there is the book on flipping houses spreadsheet, but that is a little outdated. You can do it yourself in a spreadsheet once you learn some basics. However, if you don't know anything about construction (where I was 18 months ago before doing my first projects) then I think the book on flipping houses from BP is a good primer. 

@Neill Herbert   LVP or LVT you want to call Weber flooring. They sell a great product with an under lament on it for $2 to $2.50 a sqft.  Installed it should run you around $4. This new stuff is waterproof and scratch resistant. 

Cabinets - we now use Menards. They sell an all wood, unfinished, cabinet for the same price as Lowe's. (Lowe's is who we use if we want a white shaker) Anyways, you can paint it and poly it. Comes out great and will last a long time. Plus you can buy just the doors if they get beat up.  Additionally, they sell some great luxury laminate countertops. We can get quartz installed for $28 a sqft, which is what we use our on higher-end rentals but lower end we use the luxury laminate. It looks beautiful and is about $300 to outfit a kitchen. If it gets ruined you simply replace it. 

Home Depot and Global stone have some outstanding tile for $1 to $1.50 plus you can find some blow out sales at Big Bobs, really beautiful stuff. 

Anyways, I hope that helps. We flip so we know where to buy and who to use...or at least we think we do ;-)