Tenant used spray foam sealent on the yard wall

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Hi All the Landlord in Arizona,

I am new in this landlord business.  I got a house for rent now and the tenant used

spray foam sealent on the yard wall, means the brick fence wall, I wish I can post a picture and they are super ugly and difficult to remove. I wish I can upload a picture. The tenant said they saw some scorpion in the house, so that is what they did. And as soon tenant complain the scorpion, I call the pest control guy and did a full treatment. Now I am worried they trash the house in other way.

Any of you guys have any idea how to deal with my tenant. I am so frustrated and tired. T_T

@Debra Piggy Spay foam on the wall is unacceptable and will be challenging to remove.

Not knowing what your rental agreement states, the terms etc it's difficult to speculate. Read your agreement thoroughly to determine what rights you have. It's common to have some clause that holds the tenant responsible for the condition minus normal wear and tear.  Tenants are sometimes allowed to make changes but need to restore the property prior to move out or be held responsible.

At a minimum, as a Property Manager, I would schedule an interior walkthrough as soon as possible. The walkthrough should provide you with further insight into the risk you are taking with this tenant in place.

You may end up making the decision to consider eviction if they are taking other adverse actions to your property.