Property Managemnet Lawton Oklahoma

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I’m looking for a property management company for a client in Lawton Oklahoma. Does anyone have any experience with management companies in that area?
@Justin Young good evening Justin. I’m having some trouble finding a cash buyer for a property I have for sale in Mangum, OK. The property is as follows for sale: If this may intrest you I’m please know I have a 5 bedroom house for sale comes woth secondary building Lot is 6969 square feet House is 2411 square feet Secondary building is about 320 square feet and can be turned into another livin quarters House does need work Both kitchen and bathroom needs redone Great for investors or a project ARV 110k Repairs 8-10k Price 35k

@Justin Young Hi Justin! I recently moved into the area and I'm looking into getting some properties myself here. Let me know if you need me to drive by anything or if you have some questions about any neighborhoods. I'll let you know if I come across a good PM, I'm planning to manage the properties here myself though.

@Justin Young I had someone on here recommend P&B Rentals LLC so I am looking into using them. I currently use Park Jones for my property there and it has been a horrible experience for the last year or so, I strongly advise against them. If you do find a good manager there please let me know.

Andrew, do you mind elaborating a bit on your Parks Jones property management experience? I am a Realtor at Parks Jones and we have a motivated, loving and supportive team of agents. I work with several investors that love our rental department. I appreciate your feedback so that I may help our rental department out. We screen our tenants and make timely repairs as soon as they are reported. I understand that things do happen though and wonder if you have experienced an isolated event :)

Thank you again for sharing.