Paint running down the joists in bsmnt. What is it?

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Can somebody tell me what the white paint runners are on the joists? This home is sold "As is"... I've not seen it in person but had to ask what that paint is!? Thanks! 

@David Smit

Never seen that before, and I've seen a lot. I hope you find out. My best guess is that it's some kind of adhesive and the builder went cheap on nailing the subfloor in.

I've seen self leveling cement or thinset drip through old floorboards into the basement. Just in a couple spots, not all over like in your photo

My guess is that its some kind of adhesive that was used to glue down the subfloor in addition to using mechanical fasteners. It looks like it could be wood glue, although you'd think they would use construction adhesive.

Sorry to ask but are you sure its paint? could be as some as someone spilled some paint while rehabbing.

It’s not paint, no one could spill that much and whatever it is was done after they were erected. Glue, leveler or something to stop squeaking. The foundation cracks may point to leveler.

Definitely looks like construction adhesive - they likely put too much on top of the joists before laying the subfloor. I agree with alex that the repairs/patches in the foundation would raise serious concern - especially around that back window! Could indicate shifting, moisture penetration or a poor initial masonry job.

It is glue for the subfloor. Absolutely no problem beyond cosmetic, but if you finish the basement you will never see it.

I also vote for leveler that was poured on the subfloor before the final flooring. Question to ask is why so many cracks in foundation and when it was patched.

Thanks folks! I have no intention of even looking at the home but for the sake of knowledge wanted to ask in case I ever see it again. 

I'm also betting it's a self-leveling compound related to foundation settling. If you look carefully there seems to be some uniformity with where it shows up, indicative of it having seeped through the sub-floor cracks. No wonder the price is good on it! That floor certainly looks like it was refinished too.