Approached by Corporate Rental Company

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Hey BP-

Curious to know if anyone has ever put their residential rentals into the hands of a "Short Term" Corporate Rental Management Company and if so, what was your experience? I have been approached by a company to take over one of my properties for their short term rental clientele and am in the process of vetting this option. Any experience with this? Thanks!!!! 

Hey CJ, 

I was just approached by corporate rental Travelers Haven this week. I would like to follow this feed. 

It was my understanding that the short term lease will be in Traveler Havens Corporate  name. Traveler Haven will put a deposit and rental down before signing the lease. 

I haven't been approached by one but I own my own corporate rental company. We pretty much sign a year lease on your property and rent it out to a corporation that houses traveling nurses or IT workers. Most of my clients love it and usually give me multiple properties after working with my company. Just make sure the company is legit, has reviews, and knows what they are doing.

Hey @Allison Jones how did that turn out? I'm about to start a four month lease with them placing a doctor in my property. I don't anticipate any issues, but if you have something to share, I'd certainly like to hear it.

My city just banned short term rentals, so I have to either get more of these lined up, or sell because the numbers aren't good enough for a long-term rental in that place. I was about to close up shop on it but then this came in.

Hello Robert, Short term rentals work pretty well for me. I turned my original short term rental into long term rental after 3 tenant cycles . I moved the short term rental to a more efficient and up to date property. 

I wasn’t getting as much activity from Travels Haven after my first 3 month rental but I have local agents contact me for short term. I currently have 2 short term properties rented for at least 3 months. 

My short term tenants have taken better care of my properties than my long term tenants. 

Best of luck,