HELP City is violating me for not having a business license!

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I owe a two building triplex in Lake Worth, FL. I made this purchase last summer 2017. I was able to find three tenants and no problems with turning on their electricity within Lake Worth Utilities. They showed the lease to the utility department and then their electric was turned on. Now, July 2018, three new tenants move in and the city refuses to turn on the electricity in the tenants names because I do not have a business license. Since then I have put the electricity in my name and have ordered an inspection. Today I find out that with the business license I also need to have an inspection and then a certificate of use as well. I also need to pay $300 for the license, $100 as I have more than one unit to inspect. My question. Is the city allowed to make me get this license, pay all these fees even though I’m just a landlord? I thought business license’s were for retail stores, companies that were incorporated and actually have employees. I’m a one man show here.

They can and they do.  Especially Lake Worth.  Hope you can get thru the inspection without getting violations.  Be there when the inspector comes and keep it friendly.  I speak from experience.  Once you are approved and have the license you are home free.  Good luck.

Yes the city Lake Worth can make your life miserable and will nickel and dime you any chance they get.  Surprisingly Greenacres which is right next to it is completely the opposite.

I just bought a duplex in Lake Worth from a homeowner who was going through the exact same thing. Lake Worth is a beast, but once you get in compliance you'll be fine. Talk to a few of the field guys also. They'll take care of you ;)