Family Violence in TX

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Got a question I (thankfully) haven't had to deal with before.

Got a six-unit complex in Weatherford, TX. One of the units is occupied by mom, daughter, and daughter's boyfriend. Mom calls me this morning, says boyfriend has been getting violent. He is leaving voluntarily, but they want him off the lease. I know the *victims* have the right to break the lease without penalty, but is there a way to get him off the lease? They have until the end of November on their lease, and we probably honestly won't renew, because they've not been the greatest tenants, but I do still want to protect them while they are with us.

Thanks all!

Hey Stephen,

You can write an addendum to release him from the lease, all three would need to sign it. This would be the case if they're all on a jointly and severally liable lease. The other options would include all three of them being evicted/released due to a violent situation, or his name remaining on the lease until the end of the lease term. 

These situations are never easy, but at least he is moving voluntarily! Good luck

The most important question is her ability to pay the rent without him.  I would rescreen her income against your criteria.  If it’s not high enough, get rid of all of them.