Smart lock recommendations?

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I'm prepping a home for short term (corporate) furnished rental.  any recommendations on smart / keypad locks so I can automate the entry process? 

I like the August  smart lock, but I'm not versed in smart locks yet..


@Maurice D. I am looking at the the Pin Genie and the UL3 BT. I also looked at the August smart lock but it didn't seem that you could give users passcodes to enter themselves at anytime of the day. The August is the sleekest looking but more expensive. It also seems that you have to buy 2 or 3 pieces to have the entire kit. I guess it depends how you are going use it. 

My rental is in South America and I live in the States so I need something that always works remotely. I'll keep researching. Hopefully someone on BP can share their experience because I searched and didn't find anything. 

@Maurice D.

BY FAR, I love the Schlage lock. 

As a guest I have used the August lock and I hate it. You have to download the app, hope it works, wait for it to unlock everytime...

For my Schlage lock, all I need is the last 4 digits of their phone number and Viola! They have a personal code for their specific stay.

I've been leaning towards the Igloo Smart Lock, because it will work offline. It uses a tech similar to the RSA Smart tokens (for the other nerds and techies here), so it's not reliant on an internet connection at the property.

It looks pricey ($200-400ish) and I don't have one to test yet, but if it does work in my testing, this would be my goto for my out-of-state properties that need rehabbed. This would be ideal for my contractors to get onsite, when I need them too. I would have to send (call, text, email, etc) them a pin code for that day (or even a sequential number of days) access.

Update: Found it cheaper at Amazon:

@Maurice D. I am using Yale smart lock for my AirBnb. I would discourage anyone from using smart lock without a keypad ( like Kevo) in STR or even long term rentals. Whichever lock you choose, key differentiation is the hub used to talk to the lock and how you control that hub.

I shopped and shopped all the smart locks out there and Igloohome was it! Here's why**:

  • integrates with Airbnb. Automatically generates a code for each booking that starts and expires based on the reservation details. 
  • Sends a welcome email as soon the booking is accepted and then sends the pin code based on your settings (I have it set for 1 hour before check-in)
  • you can create a duration pin code (start and end date) remotely from any where in the world
  • does not depend on WIFI to work whatsoever
  • and it has a "jump start" features so that if it ever runs out of batteries you can still get in the door by placing a 9v battery up to side of the display. 
  • no subscription fees!
  • I have been using them for 1 year and absolutely zero functionality issues. Well the sensor fell off the door jam and I needed to use superglue instead of the adhesive it came with. Very minor. I have 4 of these locks and no other issues.

August: The very idea of asking a guest to download an app to enter the vacation stay is way too burdensome for me. Traveling is hectic enough. I am all about smooth arrival.

Schlage: Must be connected to wifi for a lot of functionality. It doesn't automatically integrate with airbnb. You can cannot create a duration code remotely (a code that will expire).

**Caveat... even tho Igloohome is amazing for Airbnb, as I am expanding to more and more booking platforms I will need to reevaluate the best smart lock for my growing business and I will look for one that can integrate with one of these home automation tools to be able to automate check-in across more booking channels than Airbnb.