Flooring insight help

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Tile is more durable, but it's a lot more labor, the grout can also get very dingy looking if it's not sealed properly. The labor to change it out down the road will be much higher as well. A decent quality laminate is very tough. Install is very quick and simple as well.

Look at solid core vinyl planks. Waterproof and doesn’t telegraph subfloor imperfections like thinner vinyl.

It depends where in the house you’re putting it. Bathrooms I’d stick with tile or vinyl planks as both are 100% waterproof. Laminate will be a little bit cheaper but is not waterproof. Anywhere else laminate should be fine.

I just installed the Home Depot luxury vinyl planks in the kitchen and living room of a rental along with tile in the bathrooms and both look great. Doing the work myself was quick and surprisingly inexpensive also.